We achieved highly reliable audit service with reasonalbe fee by organizing CPAs with more than 10 years experience. Although well experienced CPAs are assinged for engagement, the audit procedures are performed effectively and efficiently by a small number of staff members. And then, we can provide services with 20-30% less service fees because we always make efforts to reduce indirect costs. 

Nonetheless, audit fee depends on what kind of busiess operated, the asset and sales size of the client, the complexity of transactions and the workload of our services. Therefore, it is difficult to show the systematic fee tables and please note that the following service fees are disclosed as general examples only.

(Statutory Audit under the Companies Act)

Sales size Service Fees(excluding GST/VAT)
~ 300 million yen JPY 1,500,000~
0.3~1 billion yen JPY 3,000,000~
1~5 billion yen JPY 5,000,000~
5~10 billion yen JPY 7,000,000~
more than 10 billion yen Quotation Required 


(Referred Works / IFRS audit etc

Sales size Service Fees(excluding GST/VAT)
~300 million yen JPY 1,000,000~
0.3~1 billion yen JPY 2,000,000~
1~5 billion yen JPY 3,000,000~
5~10 billion yen JPY 4,000,000~
more than 10 billion yen Quotation required


(Fund/SPC audit)

Asset size Service Fees(excluding GST/VAT)
~1 billion yen JPY 500,000~
1~10 billion yen JPY 1,000,000~
more than 10 billion yen JPY 1,500,000~


(Fraud Investigation)

Workload (assumption) Service Fees(excluding GST/VAT)
CPA 1person / Workload 5days JPY 800,000~
CPA 2person / Workload 10days JPY 3,200,000~