”Nihon-bashi International Accounting Firm” is a professional group providing tax, accounting, audit and other services for foreign-capital companies operating business in Japan and Japanese companies expanding business overseas. Our member have affluent experience involved in client services for foreign-capital companies and sufficient knowledge regarding international accounting standards and cross-border tax issues. In addition, some members also have practical background in finance and accounting in the course of working as a CFO or financial controller for listed entities.

We aim to satisfy client’s needs and realize professional communication by making the best use of our expertise.

Our motto is to provide comprehensive services relating to international audit, accounting, and taxation at a reasonable price. In order to enhance the transparency of our service fee, we disclose the fee table for our possible clients. However, it is not so easy to present fee structure systematically because risks and workloads often vary depending on the situation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to ask quotations about our service fee.