Regulations of the Corporation Tax Act and Income-tax Act of Japan are considerably complicated. And this complexity of the Tax Act and the barriers of the Japanese language make it difficult for foreign companies to deal with tax issues. Furthermore, most of the Certified Tax Accountants are elderly people and can’t deal with tax issues in English although it is said the number of CTA exceeds 100,000 people. This unusual environment caused a business oligopoly of Big4 firms and increased tax filing service fees for foreign capital companies. In addition, in Japan, tax regulations are frequently and complicatedly revised compared to other countries. It is difficult to prepare tax-relating documents and file tax returns without the help of experienced experts and accurate understanding of revisions in tax regulation.

We support client’s tax filing procedures from preparation of tax return documents to submission of registration or application format prescribed in the Tax Act. In addition, we will be able to propose optimal tax planning and tax savings measures as much as possible so as not to violate relevant provisions.

Eligible Companies

  • The company asking Big4 firm for tax advisory service, however, dissatisfied with highly charged fees even for general or easy questions.
  • The company looking for a Certified Tax Accountant who can deal with not only tax filing but also an explanation to the parent company about tax regulation.
  • The company looking for Certified Tax Accountant who can provide with reasonable priced service since its asset size and personnel size is not so huge in spite of foreign capital company.
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