Recently, great attention is paid to the IPOs to the US market in Japan as well. Specifically, listing method that SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) acquires a target company is remarkable. In the complicated business environment, SPAC-listing is an innovative way which enables entities to raise funds in a short period without spending too much time on listing procedures.

In addition, even no-sales entities can be listed on the US-NASDAQ market. And then, it is the fact that a lot of Bio-ventures listed in 2021 do not record any sales and many investors is paying attention to the future of new pharmaceutical drugs produced by such venture companies. For these companies, the Japanese exchange market is not so attractive because of little growth potential. Therefore, it is expected to accelerate the trend of IPOs in overseas markets.

However, it is necessary to prepare financial statements in accordance with US GAAP when considering listing on the US market. Even if the accounting standards relating to revenue recognition can be ignored, the US-GAAPs have many different provisions from J-GAAP or IFRS in the application of stock options, R&D expenses, and disclosure of notes. Therefore, it is necessary to get professional support to conform to US-GAAP.

We provide reasonable priced service for the clients aiming to be listed on US-markets or preparing financial statements in accordance with US-GAAP. We are prepared to make flexible proposal according to the situation of clients. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

Eligible Companies

  • Bio-ventures aiming to be listed on the overseas market (NASDAQ)
  • Japanese subsidiaries requested by overseas parent company to prepare financial statements based on US-GAAP, however, it is difficult to deal with the tasks because of less knowledgeable accountants.
  • Japanese companies trying to convert financial numbers from J-GAAPs to US-GAAPs, however, it is not feasible to perform because of expensive service fee proposed by Big audit firm.
  • Japanese companies preparing financial statements based on US-GAAP, however, it is not sure what should be taken.
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