The completion of Due Diligence does not mean the end of the M&A process. Whether a company can achieve growth envisaged before M&A depends on what measures would be taken after integration. Of course, it is important to materialize synergy effects the company expected, however, the design and establishment of a management system would be also significant to fully demonstrate effects. In processing Post Merger Integration (PMI) in Japan, it is not so easy to go ahead with procedures because of different corporate cultures and language barriers.

We provide support services and advisory services about the establishment of internal control as a financial and accounting prodessionals and contribute to Foreign capital companies located in Japan after cross-border M& A.

Advantage of our services

We support client’s operations to establish robust internal control after M&A or Due Diligence. Professionals being familiar with English give services while cooperating with the person-in-charge of the company, such as establishment of reporting system to headquarters overseas, preparation of consolidated package and financial statements (including account charts integration and system configuration) and drawing up relevant bylaws and regulations after M&As.
It is not unusual that quite expensive service fee is charged on Foreign capital company when proceeding establishment of internal controls because highly charged CPAs who can communicate in English are assigned. However, we aim to reduce costs and provide services at a reasonable price by sharing tasks between experienced bilingual staff and junior staff.

Examples of company who should consider our services

  • Foreign capital company which needs to establish a reporting system quickly after the merger or acquisition of Japanese business and wants a competent professional in a short term period.
  • Foreign capital company looking for specialists who can prepare consolidated financial statements and reporting packages once a quarter or a month, although not planning to hire employees.
  • Foreign capital company which needs to go ahead with integration and infuse the company’s policy quickly after the merger or acquisition of Japanese business and wants to retain professional to draw up bylaws or SOPs in short term period.
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