In Taiwan, companies are required to hold their annual general meetings within 6 months after the financial year-end. Consequently, many companies aim to prepare their financial statements within approximately 5 months, considering the time needed for issuing notices and convening the meeting.

Additionally, even non-listed companies are obligated to undergo audits (Sec. 20: Company Act). Specifically, companies that meet the following conditions are required to get audited. 

1) With the amount of paid-in capital up to TWD 30 million or more.
2) Total revenue of TWD 100 million or more than 100 employees.  
(Ref: Company with a certain amount of capital and a certain scale in 2018)

Based on the above provisions, Taiwanese companies with turnover amounts of approximately 500 million yen may still be subject to audit requirements, even if they are non-listed. Consequently, their Japanese subsidiaries might also be required to get audited.

Additionally, there are a lot of renowned large corporations in Taiwan, including semiconductor companies that rank among the top in global sales, and transportation companies. Such large corporations’ subsidiaries in Japan may be required to get audited as instructed by the parent company.

At our firm, we conduct audits for such Japanese subsidiaries under Taiwanese capital while collaborating with the auditors of the parent company. We also offer consultations and estimates, so please feel free to contact us.

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Our Advantageous Points

・Certified public accountants are there with experience in auditing a Japanese subsidiary under instruction of Big4 firms. 
・We offer flexible advice on difference of accounting standards between TIFRS and J-GAAP.
・We also respond to requests for reporting and explanations in English.
・The level of service provided is comparable to that offered by major audit firms.
・Due to a small and efficient team, the workload is minimized, resulting in reasonable audit fees.

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