We provide support services for foreign capital companies to assist in accounting and treasury operations.
Regardless of Japanese company or foreign capital company, administrative operations relating to treasury and accounting would be necessary, however, it seems nonsense to hire some staff members for operations like journal entries because of progress in RPA or cloud accounting system. In addition, for small and medium-sized foreign capital companies, it is difficult to employ bilingual staff and perform internally.

We undertake accounting and treasury operations by outsourcing for foreign capital companies and contribute to cost reduction in administrative works. We will support the growth of foreign capital companies expanding business in Japan by reducing the operational burden for officers or managers so that they can concentrate on management.

Eligible Companies

  • The company which doesn’t consider hiring employees for accounting staff because it is just after starting up.
  • The company which has difficulty in finding out bilingual staff for accounting.
  • The company which would like to overcome emergency situations where the person in charge retired by outsourcing in a short time period.
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