A lot of companies issue stock options for the purpose to keep excellent human resources. However, calculation of options requires advanced knowledge like the Black-Scholes model. As a result, you may be requested to pay a large amount of valuation fee for options.

Our firm prepares valuation report of stock options at a reasonable price while taking advantage of experience in working on a lot of projects. Certified public accountants from audit firms and professionals with practical experience at securities companies will deal with. We provide high quality service that satisfies statutory audits and monitoring performed by securities companies.

Advantage of our services

  • Valuate stock options issued by listed companies
  • Valuate stock options issued by small and medium-sized companies including entities preparing for initial public offering
  • Support valuation of stock options for entities planning to be listed overseas.
  • Deal with various stock options such as tax eligible/retirement benefits/trust types.

Examples of company who should consider our service

  • The company being hesitant to use specialists due to expensive valuation costs.
  • The company requesting simple valuation with reasonable price, because it does not require to perform full packaged service or to get a detailed report.
  • Necessary to prepare valuation report that clears the statutory audit.
  • Necessary to disclose detailed information for granting options for listing.
  • Required to prepare an valuation report in English for the Nasdaq listing.


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