Recently, many Japanese companies aim overseas markets for the purpose to raise funds speedy. Such companies can manage listing projects with underwriting securities company and own project team members. However, it is difficult to achieve overseas listing without working resources to prepare consolidated financial statements or Prospectus based on IFRS  and US-GAAP. And then, most companies have troubles to keep such resources.

In addition, it would be necessary to make appropriate answers based on practical experience and specialized knowledge, if reviewers of Exchange Market examined company’s operations and situations.

After the successful listing, new financing and IR activities should be performed and it would be necessary to continuously respond to requests from investors. Moreover, it is required to meet statutory requirements, such as external audits and the establishment of internal controls.

We provide comprehensive support services for companies aiming to be listed on overseas market. Our members have certificate of JICPA and USCPA and accumulate enough experience when working for Big4 audit firm. It is expected that our robust know-how leads your project to success.

(Overseas listing services)



Accounting and Disclosure Support

We provide hands-on support to prepare financial statements and disclosure materials based on IFRS and US-GAAP.

Prepare necessary bylaws and manuals

According to company’s situation, we prepare bylaws and manuals which can endure review procedures performed by SEC.

Establishment of internal control

By visualizing business processes, we contribute to the establishment of internal controls which endure the external review and statutory audits. We also provide support service for US-SOX.
Prepare filing documents With expertise and practical experience, we will support the preparation of the prospectus.
Deal with review procedures performed by SEC Business operations and management systems shall be reviewed by book-runner company and stock exchange committee, etc. Staff members of CPA support your company with enough experience in handling listing review procedures on overseas stock exchanges.

Examples of company who should consider our services

・Japanese companies aiming overseas listing to realize speedy fund raising

・Venture companies considering overseas listing from the perspective of time restraint.

・Japanese companies lacking of human resources to handle listing procedures in English.

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