We provide flexible accounting services to foreign capital companies located in Japan.

It is necessary for any businesses to make registration procedures to the tax office (IRS) or Legal Affairs Bureau. It would be quite troublesome for foreign capital companies to proceed with. In addition, any companies need to keep accounts for reporting to a parent company, filing a tax return or clarifying financial performance aside from the main business. Such procedures should not be performed by executives responsible for management decisions, however, managements of the foreign capital company can’t help doing at the start-up situation where it is not always possible to ensure capable employees. However, it is not so easy to employ bilingual staff in Japan. If such situations going for a while, managements of subsidiaries would not be released from operational burden in administrative works.

In such cases, outsourcing administrative operations to accounting firms would be a natural option for executives or managers responsible for finance and accounting. We support client’s activities from the perspective of financing and accounting and contribute to your business regardless of one-time contract or continuous service contract.

(Our Services)

Incorporation Services
Tax filing services
Accounting Outsourcing Services
Preparation of Financial Statements (Companies Act)
Reporting Support Services (Monthly or Quarterly)
IFRS/US-GAAP conversion
Translation Services