We provide support services for foreign capital companies to start business efficiently and smoothly in Japan. When a foreign capital company establishes a business in Japan, it is necessary to determine what kind of corporation or organization would be suitable while considering how to develop and expand business in Japan. And then, it is necessary to submit registration documents to the Tax Office (IRS) and the Legal Affairs Bureau after making a decision. Since all of these procedures and applications are made in the Japanese language, it would be quite difficult for foreign capital companies to go ahead with the incorporation procedure.

We support preparatory procedures as accounting and financial professionals, to incorporate business and operate smoothly in Japan while communicating with parent company by explaining tax regulations and legal provisions.

Eligible Companies

  • The company which decided to start a new business in Japan, however, does not know how to start.
  • The management officer of a foreign capital company recently incorporated in Japan who wants professional supports regarding the establishment of internal control procedures or financial reporting to the parent company.
  • The company which would like to employ staff member supporting incorporation procedures, however, having difficulty to hire competent personnel from the perspective of administrative cost.
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