The first step to lead M&A successful is in evaluating corporate value exactly without overlooking significant factors. Needless to say, it is useful not only for buyer-side companies but also for seller-side companies to grasp counterparty’s situation and approximate value in advance.

We provide due diligence support services to meet the client’s various needs. Our main targets are cross-border M&As with sales of JPY 10 billion around and we exhibit our strength in M&As to acquire Japanese SMEs.

Advantage of our services

We offer support services throughout the Due Diligence process for acquiring Japanese SMEs and provide an English valuation report. Additionally, we can also provide direct explanations in English to foreign investors or managers, while presenting financial statements or other materials.
We can also accompany you during the investigation process and facilitate smooth communication in Japanese, which is essential for successful DD procedures.

Some may have the impression that only Big4 audit firms are capable of implementing cross-border M&A or valuation works, and that small and medium-sized accounting firms lack the competence to perform such tasks. However, we can provide appropriate and effective services according to your needs, and our services are not inferior to those of big firms that charge exorbitant prices.

Examples of the company who should consider our services

  • Companies looking to expand their business in Japan but hesitant to hire professionals due to high service fees for due diligence.
  • Companies acquiring businesses located in Japan and seeking professionals who can review financial statements written in Japanese and translate them into English as needed.
  • Companies needing to progress with acquisition procedures while negotiating with the counterparty in Japan.
  • Companies looking to conduct simple investigations at a reasonable price, without the need for a full-package service or a detailed report.

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