In moving forward with M&A procedures, you would face on various situations where stock valuation is necessary. And then, you need to have appropriate knowledge of valuation theory such as DCF method and grasp business environment, accounting standards, and the liquidity of the stock for the target company, in calculating the stock value.

However, it is generally difficult for small and medium-sized accounting firms to deal with cross-border acquisitions because of language barrier. Therefore, many people may think that there is no choice but to ask big firms for valuation or due diligence. If you would like to ask professionals for due diligence, it is possible to save outsourcing cost by ordering us and you can take services at more reasonable price than big4 audit firms.

Our company is able to deal with highly specialized M&A procedures and submit various report for clients.

Advantage of our services

  • Respond to cases of acquiring overseas SMEs
  • Respond to cases where a foreign-affiliated company acquires a Japanese SME
  • Prepare valuation reports in English upon your requests.
  • Translate financial statements prepared by overseas companies and prepare analysis of financial data
  • Explain financial statements and business materials prepared in English to foreign investors and managers

Examples of company who should consider our service

  • The company being hesitant to use specialists due to expensive service fee.
  • The company which would like to take advice from a third-party perspective while negotiating with Japanese entities.
  • Moving forward with the acquisition of a Japanese company, however, report in English is required
  • The company which would like to conduct simple investigation at a reasonable price.


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