It seems a large number of foreign companies are looking to raise funds in Japan where ultra-low interest rates are going on. This trend has never been seen from a global and historical standpoint. In addition, in Japan where the aging population is increasing, quite a few companies suffering from lack of successors and human resources are there, and it seems many overseas companies consider acquiring Japanese companies with highly profitable technology. However, in order to raise funds in Japan, it is necessary to submit a lot of documents in Japanese language such as “Annual Securities Reports” to the Financial Service Agency. And then, in the case of acquisition of a Japanese company, you need to read and analyze financial statements prepared in Japanese.

We provide services preparing “Annual Securities Reports”, “Earnings Release” and “Notice of Shareholder’s meeting” in Japanese Language for foreign-capital companies. In addition, we also deal with the translation of these documents from Japanese to English. And then, we render services to prepare translated financial statements in English after converting J-GAAP figures to US-GAAP or IFRS.

(Our services)

・ Preparation of IFRS / US GAAP based Financial Statements in English
・ Translation of the following financial statements into English
– Financial Statements in accordance with Corporate Act regulations
– Notice of the General Shareholder’s Meeting
– Annual Securities Report, Quarterly Securities Report, Securities Registration Statement and Prospectus, etc.
– IR materials and Presentation materials for quarterly closing
– Press releases required by TSE regulations

Our advantageous Points

Our representative was involved, as CFO of SGX listed entity and controller of TSE listed entity, in the preparation of financial statements and annual reports in Japanese as well as English. In addition, since he passed the US CPA exam and have sufficient experience, we are able to provide highly sophisticated outputs with correct and appropriate terminologies, compared to other translation companies.
And then, it is quite common to be done quickly and speedy if clients need to translate necessary financial statements or other reporting. According to the client’s request and necessity, we will be able to submit outputs, for example, by prioritizing only the translation of significant pages or sections.

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