We propose considerate service fees about accounting, tax filing and payroll services for foreign capital companies and give you appropriate quotations according to your needs. First consultation and quotation is provided with free of charge and please do not hesitate to ask us about our service.

(IFRS/US-GAAP conversion)

Services Service Fees
(excluding GST/VAT)
(First Service Year / including GAAP variance analysis)
JPY 1,200,000~
Conversion(after following year)
JPY 750,000~


(Incorporation Services)

Services Details Service Fees
(excluding GST/VAT)
Incorporation Service in Japan  ・Meeting with Parent company 
・Meeting with in-charge of JPN company
・Prepare registration documents for Tax office
・Conduct judical registration procedrues
・Prepare explanation material in English etc

JPY 400,000
(Including registration tax, Charges paid to Notary and Judical Clerk)

Advisory service about Incorporation ・Meeting with Parent company 
・Meeting with in-charge of JPN company
・Participate in Meeting and Report progress status 
・Time Charge 
JPY 20,000 / hour
(Free service for 1st counseling and quotation)


(Tax return Filing)

Services Details Service Fees
(excluding GST/VAT)
Retainer Contract
(Tax advisory services)
・Prepare Tax registration documents
・Explain Tax regulations to parent company
・Tax advisory services about Corporate tax, Consumption Tax, Income tax and  Local Government Tax

・Time Charge Contract
JPY 20,000/hour
・Retainer Contract
JPY 50,000/month~

Tax return filing
(only for annual closing)

・File Tax return documents 

(Sales size)         (Service fees)
~ JPY 100 mil              JPY 250,000~
JPY 100~300 mil         JPY 400,000~
JPY 300 mil~1 bil        JPY 800,000~
more than JPY 1 bil      Quotation Required


(Financial Staements prepatation under the Companies Act)

Services Service Fees
(excluding GST/VAT)
Financial Statements Preparations(First service year) JPY 500,000~
Financial Statements Preparations(after following year) JPY 300,000~


(Reporting Support)

Services Service Fees
(excluding GST/VAT)
Prepare Consolidated Package JPY 500,000~
Monthly closing and reporting JPY 300,000~