When I returned to Japan after working abroad in Singapore, I worked as a controller of the finance and accounting department of a certain listed company. At that time, I was surprised that many Japanese companies paid a tremendous amount of service fees relating to finance, accounting and tax. I also noticed that foreign-capital companies expanding their business into Japan face on troubles to deal with even simple application procedures to the tax office and incur a lot of service fees. I realized that, in Japan, there are few accounting professionals who can speak English.

Although we hear globalization is rapidly progressing, I suspect a lot of Japanese companies hesitate to expand their businesses overseas or raise funds from foreign investors because of the lack of accounting professionals being familiar with English. And then, I also suspect foreign-capital companies are placed on a difficult situation to deal with stabilizing their operations in Japan because of the peculiarity of the Japanese language and complexity of the tax Act. These ideas led to the opening of an accounting firm with international support.

We have a philosophy that “We resolve tax, finance and management issues for various clients, from SMEs to big companies, based on our English language ability and international accounting competency”. And then, under this sublime philosophy, we will propose a reasonably priced service according to your intention and situation. We promise to respond to your request with responsibility as professional with excellent expertise and affluent experience.

We look forward with contributing to your business and providing you with our service.

Shunichi Nemoto