Recently, situations are commonly seen that corporate value is evaluated in moving forward with M&A. If evaluating corporate value or stock value, it is necessary to take into account the business environment, financial condition, and liquidity of stock, etc. Therefore, professional and independent views are needed to estimate corporate value.

We provide valuation services which are required in various scene.

Our Advantageous Points

We provide valuation services in the course of M&A procedures to acquire SMEs located in Japan and submit a valuation report in English. And then, we can also deal with direct explanations in English toward foreign investors or managers while showing Financial statements or explanation materials. Of course, we can draw up final valuation reports prepared in English. If you want abbreviated service, we will be able to respond to your request flexibly by performing only significant investigations.

Some might have the impression that only Big4 audit firms can implement cross-border M&A or valuation works and small and medium-sized accounting firms do not have the competency to perform. However, we can provide appropriate and effective service according to your request and our service would not inferior to the services big firms give you a high price.

Examples of company who should consider our service

  • The company seeking the opportunity to acquire a Japanese company, and looking for an accounting firm that can provide a report in English at a reasonable price since the valuation report is necessary to submit to foreign managers.
  • The company which would like to conduct a simple investigation with reasonable price in moving forward with M&A, because it does not require to perform full packaged service or to get a detailed report prepared by Big4 firm.
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